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Drug detox alone does not support lasting recovery because it only targets physical dependence. Often, it’s the psychological dependence and triggers that lead to relapse. During our drug rehab programs, we offer a wide range of treatments that help clients explore and learn to manage the psychological and behavioral aspects of their addiction and protect their recovery progress. After an extensive amount of market research, exhaustive interviews to identify the best doctors, psychiatrists, therapists and nurses, and identifying properties conducive to recovery, WhiteSands officially opened its doors in March of 2013.

Completing specialized treatment is only the beginning of the patient’s recovery
process. Primary care clinicians should continue to ask their patients about the
problem they were treated for at every office or clinic visit. During these visits,
the clinician can monitor the potential for relapse and take any necessary steps to
prevent slips from occurring (Brown, 1992). Other
coexisting medical and psychiatric conditions can also complicate treatment and
compromise elderly patients’ ability to comply with recommended regimens. If you or a loved one is ready to overcome an alcohol addiction, reach out today.

What if I don’t have VA health care benefits?

We offer a comprehensive recovery program that includes detoxification and inpatient care at one of our 3 campus-style locations followed by continued care on an outpatient basis. Call our admissions counselors today and they will explain our treatment options. An employee at the marketing company that I had at the time, Joe Ducey, would also speak about his history of addiction and his experiences at different rehab centers. Hearing Mike and Joe’s substance abuse stories resonated with me and I began to realize that substance abuse was extremely prevalent. Joe expressed a significant interest in helping people get into treatment and felt that facilities that truly cared about patients’ recovery were lacking. He came up to me one day and asked, ‘why don’t we open up a treatment center’?

If you started in a residential treatment program, you will now move to the continuing or follow-up counseling phase of your rehab program on an outpatient basis. These stages were developed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse as a resource on individual drug counseling for healthcare providers, but it is also a useful model for recovery from alcohol addiction. If going to an addiction treatment program in person is impractical or impossible for you, consider our virtual care options. A phone-based assessment will help to identify the type and level of treatment that would be the most-effective starting place for you. Our residential level of care is an ideal option if you are at high risk of experiencing alcohol or drug withdrawal requiring detox.

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Detox alone isn’t treatment, but it’s the first step to getting better for people who are dependent on alcohol. Everyone has different needs when it comes to treating alcohol use disorder (AUD), a condition that can be diagnosed when your pattern of alcohol use is problematic and causes significant distress. It can range from mild to severe, depending on how many symptoms you have.

For some people, abstinence-only recovery seems intimidating. These individuals may think they can only succeed in a harm reduction model, where they practice safer approaches to drug use rather than abstinence. The truth is that abstinence-based recovery, like we practice here at Boca Recovery Center, boasts higher success rates. We’ll show you the evidence, and we’ll guide you through the process. With the right support, it’s very possible to achieve and sustain abstinence from all substances of abuse. Some people thrive in faith-based programming, where they center their recovery on God or a higher power.

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At Gateway, Addiction Medicine is a holistic approach that uses evidence-based practices. Those practices include therapy and medication, in combination with compassionate patient engagement. At Gateway we treat each person’s unique physical, social and emotional needs. If you have a VA primary care provider, talk to them about your substance use. Your provider can help you get screened for substance use problems and related issues (like PTSD or depression)—and can offer treatment and support as needed.

  • They will only come in for a set amount of time each day, and may not be there every day.
  • In addition to being a vital member of our Admissions team, Shelby is also currently completing a degree in Communications at Florida Atlantic University.
  • There is no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction recovery.
  • It can be overwhelming to face employment when still trying to manage their recovery process.

You can contact SAMHSA’s national helpline for advice and referrals. Most state-funded rehab centers will only offer short-term programs (such as drug and alcohol detox or medical management), although some centers also offer more long-term rehab treatment that includes both outpatient rehab and residential care. ’ Many state-funded drug rehabs near you, and in other locations, accept Medicare and Medicaid. Are you ready to end the painful and destructive cycle of substance abuse? At WhiteSands Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center, we offer highly customizable detox programs that are designed to suit the particular drug of abuse.