Biser od ravanice

In this post I am going to talk about why we need to get booze out of business, how you can survive wet work functions and share where you can go to network that won’t cost you your dignity. There are many ways to describe an addiction, but no single definition captures each individual’s experience with this disease. The reality is that addiction recovery is a unique journey for each person. A sober sponsor is a person who has already progressed through recovery and acts as a mentor to people at the beginning of their journey.

sober networking

A strong support network is critical for long-term recovery from substance use, mental illness, and other conditions. If you live in the Southeast, you can also join continuing care community groups. Willingway’s primary goal is to provide a supportive environment to people in recovery.

Have a support system in place

A recent survey of Alcoholics Anonymous members recorded that 72 percent of participants stayed sober at least 90 days when they had abstinent friends supporting their recovery. Of AA members solely with substance-using friends, only 33 percent stayed sober this long. Whatsapp a couple of your friends because you suddenly realise you could officially finish work at 5.30pm today without anyone noticing and shouting “half day?! Plus you’re never usually in this part of town, and if you can sneak in a cheeky pint with Dean, who works round here, you won’t have to get the tube back over here next time for no reason. Second only to the part when the alcohol comes out, lunch is the networking opportunity that you can pretend serves a real purpose, other than networking. You realise you’ve fallen down a social media rabbit hole, and you’ve just laughed out loud reading BuzzFeed’s ‘29 things only girls that went to school in the 90’s will understand’.

If you don’t have a safe, calm, and sober environment to return to after an alcohol or drug rehab program, a sober living facility could be the perfect solution. These places usually have curfews, house rules, and regular meetings while offering support with work or education. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the quality of a person’s personal relationships is directly related to positive outcomes in addiction recovery. An effective support system might include an expert healthcare team, family members, sober friends, sponsors, group therapy, and online communities.

Detox Programs

We always have the option to leave a social situation, even if it’s a work event. Sometimes, I’ve enjoyed myself and stayed for the whole time, but knowing I can leave and that my sobriety is the top priority — not my job or social life — is crucial. Take a quick detour to pretend to read a couple of wall poster adverts, as you avoid eye contact.

How to date a sober girl?

  1. Don't make a big deal out of it.
  2. Help out by planning ahead.
  3. Be yourself.
  4. Allow them to tell their story.
  5. Get to know the lingo.
  6. Talk openly about alcohol use.
  7. Be honest with yourself.

Many workspaces have a keg of beer on tap in the break room, Friday happy hours where employees are highly encouraged to attend, a bar cart that makes the round at 4 p.m. On a weeknight, or company successes being celebrated with champagne or shots. Drinking can be an integral part of networking events, team builders, and strategy sessions. For many people who struggle with addiction, quitting drugs or alcohol means leaving certain friendships behind.

Want to learn the What, When and Why of Sobercoin?

Post sobriety pictures or thoughts…find inspiration when you need it – from people who understand what you’re going through. Utilize the simple daily achievements that take moments, yet last all day to help you through the tough times. This is a great place to be when your typical support is sleeping, or when there isn’t a meeting going on. If you don’t end up liking your sobriety, your misery can refunded in full. When you become part of a detox and rehabilitation community, you have access to all the latest addiction recovery resources. What’s more, there’s a ready-made support network of peers and health professionals to help you along your way.

What do non drinkers do for fun?

  • Get out into nature. Go camping.
  • Take in some culture. Take a night tour of a museum or art gallery.
  • Enjoy some sport. Watch a sporting event – there's always something on in Australia!
  • Party at home. Host a themed movie night.
  • Get your game on!
  • Expand your horizons.